Council Services

A long history of providing full facility maintenance services to Local Councils throughout New Zealand.

Local authorities throughout New Zealand engage Asplundh to manage their open spaces and provide arboricultural services.  We have been delivering a full range of high quality services to Councils and their customers since 1989.  

To ensure our clients achieve best value for money we constantly challenge the way we do things, and empower our teams to implement improvements on a daily basis.  Our business improvement processes are focused on improving the end-customer experience and ensuring safety, environmental and quality contract outcomes are met or exceeded.  

Working collaboratively with our Council clients, we establish long-lasting and trusting relationships. This allows us to better understand and respond to the changing needs and expectations of our clients and their stakeholders.

Open spaces are essential to the wellbeing of our community. We take complete ownership and responsibility for open space assets on behalf of the community, safeguarding open spaces for now and the future.