Working in New Zealand

Working with trees in New Zealand.

You will need a work visa or permit to work in New Zealand unless you are a New Zealand citizen or you hold a New Zealand residence permit, or if you are an Australian citizen, or an Australian Permanent Resident with a current permanent residence visa or a current resident return visa.

This page is for reference purposes only. The processes, procedures and requirements of Immigration New Zealand may change so please check the Immigration New Zealand website for more information  before you apply for any visas.

Gaining a work visa or permit

In New Zealand you may be eligible for a temporary work visa and/or permit if:

1. The easiest way to have the opportunity to work in New Zealand

The Working Holiday Visa is an easy way to experience New Zealand and work at the same time. These are generally very easy to obtain. Duration of visa and conditions may change from country to country but generally you have to be 30 years old or under. This visa can last 1-2 years.

2.You have a job offer from a New Zealand employer

At present Arborists are on the immediate skill shortage list so if you have a Trade Certificate and/or National Certificate in Horticulture Arboriculture Level 4 and a minimum of two years’ relevant experience, you may be eligible for a visa and/or permit under our General Work (Immediate Skill Shortage List) Policy. To apply for a position at Asplundh, send your CV and covering letter stating your travel intentions to if there are positions vacant and you meet our criteria we will contact you.

3. You are a student or trainee who wants to work here

If you need work experience to complete or further your study or training, you may be eligible for a work visa or permit under Student and Trainee Work Policy. This is a 6 month working visa. Click here for details.

Requirements for all temporary work visa or permit applicants

There are a number of requirements that all applicants need to meet to be eligible for a temporary work visa or permit. 
To enter New Zealand you must:

  be in good health and of good character
•  have a passport that is valid for at least three months past the date you are to leave New Zealand
•  be genuine in wanting to work in New Zealand
•  have the right visa for your visit

If you are granted a temporary work permit you need to meet certain conditions during your stay:

•  the work you do must be in line with the conditions specified in your permit
•  you must keep within New Zealand’s laws
•  you must only stay in New Zealand for the time allowed by your permit