Amenity Turf Management and Mowing

Keeping open spaces clean and green for our communities to enjoy.

Asplundh provides a full range of turf management and mowing services, including high specification catcher mowing in prominent public reserves, mowing of neighbourhood parks, and up-front / tractor mowing of large reserves and open spaces.  

Our turf management specialists ensure mowing operations and procedures are appropriately timed and managed in order to achieve client specifications.  Our techniques take into account climate, terrain, turf type, ground conditions, and seasonal growth fluctuations, ensuring these are matched with the correct machinery and operating procedures.  Well-maintained equipment, pre-start litter collection, finishing with a weedeater or mechanical edger, and the use of a blowervac to clear grass clippings from hard surfaces all ensure a quality finish.

As well as providing high quality results, our focus is on ensuring our mower operations are as safe as possible. To ensure the safety of the public and our staff, all our operators are trained in the specific machinery they are operating, and all have health and safety training.  We also encourage training and support staff to achieve NZQA turf management qualifications.

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