Commercial Pest Control

Controlling pest plants effectively to preserve the native biodiversity of New Zealand.

Many exotic species introduced to New Zealand are now well established and pose a threat to native biodiversity and/or agricultural production. Asplundh are specialists in vegetation management, and we employ a variety of control methods to suppress and remove plant pests. These include:

•    Herbicide application, including drill and fill, cut and squirt, frill, vial treatment, stump paint, weed wipe and foliar spray

•    Manual hand weeding techniques (where chemical control is not appropriate or desirable), with care taken to ensure that native plants are not disturbed 

•    Application of organic / non-chemical weed control substances

•    Machine digging and land clearing in areas with extensive intrusion of pest plants

We provide pest plant solutions for local authorities, utility companies and private landowners. Our work is aligned with the applicable regional authority strategy for the management of invasive species and pest plants and the rules and requirements for the use of agri-chemicals.

All our operators have the skills and knowledge to use agrichemicals correctly, and are GROWSAFE certified. We also have a range of modern machinery and task-specific equipment.

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