Commercial Herbicide Management

Prudent use of herbicides for effective vegetation management.

As a vegetation control specialist, Asplundh has experience in the application of a vast range of synthetic and organic herbicides, and uses a variety of techniques to achieve the desired end result. Herbicides are an important tool for the management of weeds, and can be employed to control seeding weeds, established weeds, or for total vegetation clearance.

We undertake herbicide application using various methods, including drill and fill, cut and squirt, frill, vial treatment, stump paint, weed wipe and foliar spray. Our herbicide management methodologies take into account timing, dose, application method, target species, surrounding flora and fauna, soil, and climatic conditions.  This allows us to achieve optimal results while also minimising adverse effects on the environment. Because some weeds and pest plants develop resistance to herbicides, rotation of herbicides on site is also a consideration.

Storage, handling and use of herbicides is restricted to GROWSAFE qualified staff only, and managed in accordance with specific Material Safety Data Sheets.

We seek to use organic herbicides where practicable, and work with our clients to agree suitable products and techniques. All our work for local authorities is carried out in accordance with the applicable regional authority strategy for the management of invasive species and pest plants, and the rules and requirements for the use of agri-chemicals.

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