Residential Second Cuts & Trim

We can help fulfil the requirements of your cut/trim notice.

It is the owner’s responsibility to keep trees away from power lines, in accordance with the Electricity (Hazards from Trees) Regulations 2003. Privately owned trees found to be growing too close to power lines usually receive the first cut or trim free of charge. After that a cut/trim notice will be issued by the utility company to the tree owner.

The cut/trim notice is a legal document and Asplundh are experts in meeting the requirements of these notices to ensure you fulfil your responsibilities. We’ve been providing line clearance services in New Zealand since 1990 and we:

•    Are an approved contractor for New Zealand’s largest utility service providers
•    Have the specialist tools and equipment for working in power line close approach zones
•    Have qualified arborists who are specially trained in line clearance work
•    Can provide you with advice about your responsibilities

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