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Meet Steven Milburn, Asplundh's new South Island General Manager

Asplundh is very pleased to announce that Steven Milburn has joined our team as the South Island General Manager. We caught up with Steven to find out a little more about him and what he looks forward to about working with the Asplundh team!
•  Can you tell us a little about yourself?

I have been in the industry for 12 years, spending the majority of this time in Germany. In this time I have had a wide ranging portfolio covering municipal, large commercial and private client bases in Open Space Management. At the beginning my concentration was on Arboriculture before developing into full Open Space Management.
• What are you most excited about doing in your new role? 

Working with a great team to further develop and improve the business. Concentrating on best outcome solutions for clients, staff and the company. Creating a safer industry for all, by increasing the communication between industry colleagues around H&S and innovation. Helping to create and maintain attractive open spaces for the community. Improve education amongst our communities on the importance of green open spaces.

• What three qualities do you see as being most important to the culture of a company?

1) Trust - this forms the basis of healthy and productive relationships between both clients and colleagues.

2) Workplace environment - by providing a modern workplace environment for our staff, we are ensuring that our H&S at work is of the highest standard. A modern and positive workplace environment provides a safe, innovative, productive and enjoyable space for staff to thrive.

3) Innovation and Continual improvement - being able to try new things and turn ideas into reality keeps a company vibrant and modern. Continually assessing and measuring current systems and process helps to develop improve what we do for both client and staff.

• Where is your favourite place to escape to in NZ?

Parkari Beach, a great spot to take a long walk, relax on the quiet beach and take a swim in the crystal waters. Here you can switch off and re-energize - a mini holiday.

• Outside of work, what else are you passionate about?

 Staying up to date with new innovations and studies on the environment. Being aware of the world in which we live including both struggles and successes. The F1 season has just begun again which I follow and support. I am looking forward to an exciting season this year. 
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