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Utility Vegetation Management

New Zealand’s largest power and utility companies choose Asplundh as their Approved Contractor for line clearance and vegetation control. 

We have been reducing Network Vegetation Risk by keeping power, gas and water lines across the country free of vegetation since 1989. We also provide specialist technical advice and guidance in relation to the Electricity (Hazards from Trees) Regulations 2003.

Trimming trees around power lines is an extremely hazardous undertaking. Asplundh staff are trained to the highest level of National Industry recognised qualifications and competency, and supported by global industry best practise procedures and equipment to mitigate risk and provide an effective client outcome. We provide qualified arborists that are warranted and competent to work in the close approach zones.  We have a fleet of Insulated Elevated Work Platforms, hydraulic insulated tools and hot sticks, and our own in-house traffic management resources.

Providing our utility clients with the latest equipment and resources ensures work is carried out safely, in accordance with safe work procedures, and with the minimum amount of disruption.

We provide a comprehensive 24/7 service, and our teams can be relied upon to help get the power back on after storms by clearing debris and repairing damage quickly and efficiently.

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