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Tree Services

Asplundh provides safe, innovative and high quality arboriculture and vegetation asset management services throughout New Zealand.

Trees add value to neighbourhoods and help to build strong communities. Effective tree asset management and maintenance is essential in order to gain the maximum benefits and usage out of these assets.  We have been maintaining and managing trees for residents and landowners, local authorities, utility companies and commercial clients since 1989.

No tree job is too small or too big for Asplundh.

Our arboriculture teams are highly trained, nationally certified and competent; with work robust  and safety focussed procedures.  In addition, our full range of specialised equipment resources means that Asplundh is able to meet all your tree maintenance requirements, from inner city street tree trimming to highly complex tree removals and disposals.  We also provide specialist arboriculture and plant pest control advice and services.

Asplundh developed and maintains the industry leading Vegetation Asset Management System (VAMS), which uses geo-locating technology as a tool to manage tree and vegetation asset data for local authorities, utility companies and private landowner/commercial clients.   
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