Council Playgrounds and Structures

Playgrounds are the hub of the local community; they are not just for children, but for caregivers too.

Asplundh installs and maintains playgrounds and structures as part of our parks maintenance work with local authorities. This includes playgrounds, skate parks, structures and sculptures.

We keep playgrounds in the best possible condition and safe for children to play on through our regular routine maintenance and inspection programmes, and our fast response to requests for service. At Asplundh we take a proactive approach to playground servicing, with a focus on ensuring a positive atmosphere for the kids – chains painted and clean, matting in good condition and fit for purpose, and keeping ahead of maintenance requirements.

Our playgrounds specialists are tradesmen, with the skills and experience to lend their hand to a wide range of maintenance and repair tasks.  Playgrounds are inspected annually by RoSPA-trained inspectors.  

Asplundh’s playgrounds specialists work with our clients to plan upgrades and new playground installations suitable for the local community’s needs. We also service and maintain supporting park equipment, such as seats and tables, rubbish bins, fences and gates, toilets, drinking fountains, footpaths, and carparks. 

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