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asplundh - Power Line Clearance

Asplundh has been in the business of live power line clearance for 80 years. We have been running our New Zealand line clearance operations for the past 16 years; keeping lines across the country free of vegetation.

With a fleet of Insulated Elevated Work Platforms (EWP) commonly referred to as cherry pickers, hydraulic insulated tools and hot sticks, we provide our clients with the latest equipment and resources.

Our line clearance staff are highly trained, qualified, warranted and competent to work in the close approach zones associated with power line clearance.

We have tried and tested procedures in place for dealing with every eventuality (including shut downs). As well as day-to-day power line clearance work, our team specialise in recovery work associated with getting the power back on after storms, clearing debris and repairing damage.

Asplundh is the approved contractor for many of New Zealand’s largest power and utility companies. In addition to our clearance services we provide our clients with advice and guidance in relation to the Electricity (Hazards from Trees) Regulations 2003.

For further information about our power line clearance services and procedures, contact us today on 0800 4 ASPLUNDH (0800 4 277 586).