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asplundh - Land Clearance, Tauranga

Land Clearance, Tauranga


Tauranga City Council strive for continual improvements and beatification of the entranceway to their city. Asplundh’s part in this operation to date has been three large scale projects to remove pest plants from the roadside areas of Takitumu Drive (the main entrance to the city) and The Mount area (the popular route from Auckland).

Most of the areas beside the main state highway were overrun by noxious weeds and dead/dying trees. Asplundh’s inventory of specialised land clearing equipment gave TCC numerous options for different sites. All material was chipped on site, including stumps, leaving a site ready to revegetate with native species.


Project 1: Removal of Privet and Wattle from steep hill on roadside

This site was a one, which first involved gaining access into the site using a 12 tonne excavator. A track was cut into the hill and run along a natural contour at the front of the site. Then all the trees were felled stacked onsite to await processing. Part of this process included dismantling a huge Pine over 100 years old. The Pine was felled in sections and rigged down to avoid any debris rolling down onto the road.

The chipping stage of the project was highly technical and required significant planning. The chipper required to do the job was too large and the ground too unstable to drag the machine into the site. A large 130 tonne crane was brought to the site from Mcleod Cranes and a full complement of traffic control was put in place to allow enough room for the crane to be assembled on the road. The crane proved the safest and most cost effective way to do the job. Once in place, a chipper was cradled with a series of strops and lifted up the bank and into the site. The chipper was lifted approx 30 metres at a weight of close to 8 tonnes.

Once the chipper was on site it quickly processed the brush that had been stacked up, the left over product from the chipping remained onsite to decompose and help the revegatation process. When the chipping was completed the crane and traffic control process was repeated to get the chipper out of the site.

Project 2: Wattle and other weed species removal

Asplundh successfully won this project, another large section of pest plant removals off the back of the success of the first project and our access to large and efficient land clearance equipment. This job was less complex than the first but had a greater volume of trees to remove.

All of the trees were felled down the bank to areas where they could be reached with machinery. Trees were chipped back onto the site to create another zone for revegatation. Once completed to council specifications it become evident more work could be done to clear other pest plants from the site. The council approved Asplundh’s recommendations and we commenced clearing the remaining trees, nearly doubling the original job specification.

Project 3: Further clean up

This project differed from the previous two as the bulk of the vegetation to be removed was small trees and Pampas grass - a nasty pest for the Tauranga region that can be difficult to deal with. This project called for our purpose built 13 tonne excavator with an FAE mulching head unit attached to it. This machine quickly destroyed the Pampas and other weed species growing on site. A large amount of rubbish was removed from the reserve and the trickiest part of this task was working around the homeless man who had set up camp in the bushes near our site. All care was taken to ensure the health and safety of this man who eventually moved away during the project.


Our operations have made a huge impact on the gateway area coming into Tauranga and our clients are very pleased with Asplundh’s ability to complete projects of this scale and type within the timeframes specified and without incident.

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